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Jelena Milic is the owner and manager of The Cube Disability, a day centre and care service provider for adults and young people with a range of learning disabilities.

The Cube Disability now operates five centres including a performing arts centre and prides itself on a fun, welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

Jelena Milic is an ambassador of The Cube Disability, a day centre and care service provider for adults and young people with a range of learning disabilities.

Career Overview

Jelena Milic owns and manages The Cube Disability in Northamptonshire. 

Backed by seven years of previous experience working in social services, Milic established The Cube Disability as a company in 2000, with its first centre opening in Daventry in 2001. The Cube Disability successfully expanded thereafter to both Northampton and Kettering, and now operates five custom-built centres across the county of Northamptonshire, including a dedicated arts academy.

The Cube Disability provides a number of services including a day centre and care service for adults and young people with learning disabilities, as well as evening and weekend activities, dance and fitness sessions for under-16s, and holidays and day trips.

In 2017, The Cube Disability featured in the Croatian national press following a successful holiday trip to the resort of Split, which prompted a subsequent visit from Croatia’s ambassador to the UK who took an interest in their work.

In March 2021, Milic appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her life and career to date.

Listen to Jelena Milic's Leaders Council podcast.

In the News

Jelena Milic: “Let’s give people with learning disabilities an opportunity”

News | Published June 27th 2022, 7:50 am

On Learning Disability Week, Jelena Milic from The Cube Disability in Northamptonshire spoke on The Leaders Council Podcast to raise awareness of the lived experiences of people with learning difficulties and how her organisation looks to support them.Read more →

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