Amanda Meachin

Amanda Meachin

Chief Executive Officer

Blackburn, Lancashire

Community & Business Partners C I C

Notable Achievements

  • Won the accolade of Top Team at the North West Employer Engagement Awards 2021.
  • Won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Red Rose Awards 2021.
  • Became the first Social Enterprise outside of London to be accredited with the International Quality Standard ISO9001 over 10 years ago.
  • Became the first not-for-profit to complete a £1million asset transfer from their Local Authority.

Latest Podcast

In Conversation
Amanda MeachinIn Conversation

Amanda Meachin is the CEO of Community & Business Partners C I C [CBP], an organisation based in Blackburn providing services to both the local community and businesses across northwest England.

The CIC provides a range of services including commercial business mentoring and business support, recycling and upcycling of clean waste, environmental and food waste reduction, and community engagement.

Amanda Meachin is the CEO of Community & Business Partners, a Community Interest Company based in Blackburn, Lancashire. They provide Business Support with Community Impact, available countrywide. They offer skills training, reduce landfill waste for businesses and support their local community with reused materials, free and subsidised food parcels. 

Career Overview

Amanda has headed up Community & Business Partners CIC since 2004. She has developed the business into one which focusses on four specific areas of social impact; Business, Community, Environment and Skills.

Under Amanda’s Leadership the business has developed a specialist bank of 200 industry experts offering some of the most comprehensive Business Support services in the UK. 

It also has an environmental focus, rescuing manufactured materials which would otherwise head to landfill and taking in surplus food. The manufactured materials are then repurposed and sold on through their on-site scrap store to community groups, schools and individuals across the country.

The food service takes in food that would otherwise head to landfill and supplies it to families in need and works on specific Local Authority food distribution, providing access to food for families in need. 

All of the community and environmental work is subsidised by the Business Support the company offers, meaning that users of the service are also helping to meet their own ESG (Environmental Social Governance) obligations. 

Community & Business Partners are also the only Community Interest Company to be an Endorsing Body for the Home Office’s Tier 1 Innovator and Start-Up Visa Programme, supporting oversees entrepreneurs to the UK. 

They also work with the Advanced Manufacturing Industry across Lancashire to identify, recruit and train to fill skills gaps. 

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation successfully continued operating, furloughing no staff and securing £120,000 in new funding, all while carrying on diverting thousands of tonnes of materials away from landfill, creating affordable art and craft resources for local communities and feeding thousands of vulnerable people in need, each day. 

In November 2021, Amanda appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her career to date.

Advisory Work

As a successful leader of a Community Interest Company, Amanda undertakes Advisory work with businesses who might want to set up a charitable arm, people wanting to start a Community Interest Company as a start-up, advising existing Community Interest Companies on strategy and growth and helping businesses with their Environmental, Social and Governance agendas.  Amanda is a Trustee of the Community Foundation for Lancashire, for the last 7 years.

Listen to Amanda Meachin's Leaders Council podcast.

In the News

Community and Business Partners CIC to launch second Your Business Bootcamp

News | Published August 2nd 2022, 8:31 am

Blackburn-based business support provider, Community & Business Partners CIC, will host a second Your Business Bootcamp event in 2022 during the month of September.Read more →

Community and Business Partners to continue rollout of peer networks

News | Published June 20th 2022, 1:20 pm

Blackburn-based community interest company and business support provider, Community & Business Partners, is to launch a new peer network for winners of the Red Rose Awards and will also extend its successful Rural Peer Network Group.Read more →

Community and Business Partners CIC to host North West HR Employers Forum

News | Published June 17th 2022, 9:24 am

Lancashire-based community interest company and business support provider, Community & Business Partners, is to host its latest North West HR Employers Forum event on July 13, 2022, at Samlesbury Hotel in Preston.Read more →

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  • To do everything in my power to keep colleagues, customers and clients safe.
  • To conduct my affairs not just for the benefit of my own organisation but for the benefit of my sector and country at large.

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