Alison Hesketh

Alison Hesketh

Director, TimeFinders
Aldbourne, Wiltshire

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Alison Hesketh is the founder and director of TimeFinders. Having spent 25 years as a troubleshooter for charitable organisations, she took her skills and founded TimeFinders, an award-winning and highly respected company providing practical help and emotional support to older people and their families. changing circumstances

Alison Hesketh is the director of TimeFinders, a company based in North Wiltshire and operating in southern England which provides practical help and emotional support for older people in changing circumstances.

Career Overview

Prior to the foundation of TimeFinders in 2010, Alison worked as a consultant in the charities sector for over 20 years. Following almost 15 years with Charity Solutions International from 1988 to 2003 and a further six years working as an independent and self-employed consultant, she established TimeFinders to provide practical help and emotional support to older people in changing circumstances.

TimeFinders also offers an advocacy service for people ageing alone or whose family are caring at a distance. The company also provides care and support options advice for older people and their families who are beginning to struggle.

TimeFinders’ speciality lies in helping clients make the changes necessary to either to stay in their own home or downsize to somewhere more manageable.

The TimeFinders story

The need for a company which provides comprehensive senior life services became apparent to Alison through her personal experience. Her 79-year-old mother needed help navigating the many challenges of downsizing to somewhere more manageable, thereby embarking on a new phase of life. Unable to find anyone to assist them, Alison realised there was a pressing demand for such services, not only for families but especially for people who are ageing alone without relatives to support them.

The establishment of TimeFinders was borne out of Alison’s desire to resolve the problem, and the company has since served as a beacon to set the highest standards of integrity and transparency in areas where no regulation exists.

TimeFinders is now a thriving company which bridges the gap between the legal and financial professions and the care sector. Supporting clients to take as much control as possible and maintain their independence and confidence as their lives change is a source of great pride for Alison, alongside TimeFinders’ work responding to the needs of those who have been neglected by successive cohorts of policymakers. 

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