Adam Norsworthy

Adam Norsworthy

Managing Director, Fusion Telecom

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Leadership Matters: Adam Norsworthy

Adam Norsworthy is the Managing Director of Fusion Telecom, a company which supplies secure telecom and payment services to business and contact centres.

Norsworthy is a serial entrepreneur, leading companies from the tech to travel sectors, and understands that leadership is a continual process of improvement.

Adam Norsworthy is the Managing Director of Fusion Telecom, company which supplies secure telecom and payment services ( to business and contact centres.

Career Overview

Adam Norsworthy established Fusion Telecom in 2018. He is a business leader with a passion for technology, having written his first computer program at the age of eight, and spent a number of years of his career founding and growing companies in the technology sector. 

Adam Norsworthy founded the first of his own businesses, CanCom Computing, in 2001, to cater to the domestic and SME technology market in the Canary Islands. The company specialised in distributing DELL hardware and providing first and second level support for all types of computer and network problems.

In his spare time, Adam advocates for Steiner/Waldorf education, and enjoys exploring the oceans and skies as a diver and pilot. Another of his business ventures, Active Adventures, reflects these interests. Involved in the company from its establishment in 2004 to 2011, Adam was Managing Director of the adventure sports holiday specialist, which specialises in diving holidays, windsurfing holidays, kitesurfing holidays, surfing holidays and multi-activity holidays.

Between 2014 and 2018, Adam served as a director at Starglider Ltd, focussing on inspiring and coaching people to help companies grow and realise their full potential. From 2011 to 2019, he was also a director for Spanish company, Avance Digital Telecom SL, serving companies and corporations primarily in Europe.

Since 2017, Adam has sat as chair for the Aguila Investment Group.

Under Adam Norsworthy's leadership, Fusion Telecom has developed the next generation phone payments application using secure payments technology, known as PayGuard®, which for two years in succession won the awards for  'Best Payment Technology’ and 'Best Business Payments Solution'.

In April 2021, Norsworthy appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on his career to date.


Adam Norsworthy attended Guildford College in Surrey, completing A Levels in Business, Politics, Computing and Spanish.

Listen to Adam Norsworthy's Leaders Council podcast.

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