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The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland brings directors and their colleagues face to face with renowned individuals from the worlds of business, sport and politics. We arrange exclusive, private video conferences with Sir Geoff Hurst, Lord Blunkett, Julia Hartley Brewer and many more. Whether you want to train, motivate or simply reward your staff, Leaders Live is the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to do it.

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Exclusive video conference

Introduce your colleagues to an icon

From World Cup winning legends to England cricket captains to cabinet ministers, our Leadership Ambassadors are some of the most celebrated and recognisable people in the UK. Our exclusive video conferences connect them with you and your colleagues to discuss leadership, overcoming adversity, responding to pressure and other crucial topics, as well as to answer the questions you’ve always been dying to ask. We have a substantial base of Leadership Ambassadors, with other potential guests available on request.

Colleague Development

Train and motivate your staff

Many of the world’s most successful people cite a meeting with an inspirational figure as the moment their career really took off. For some of your colleagues, this could be that moment. We have several motivational speakers who can inspire your colleagues and help develop the tools to thrive in their current role. Whatever skills you want to hone or whatever attributes you want to develop, we can build a suitable conference around you.


Reward hard work

Leaders Live is the perfect way of thanking a colleague or a group of colleagues for their recent efforts and achievements. By introducing them to a hero, you will create a memory that will stay with them forever. A business or service is only as strong as its workforce and our Leadership Ambassadors will be delighted to help celebrate the people who make your organisation tick.

Leaders Podcast

Raise your profile

You as an individual will also be able to take part in our leadership podcast where an interview with you will be followed by one with your chosen Leadership Ambassador. This episode will be available on all major podcast providers and it will be accompanied with press release and a news article in our national news coverage; raising your profile and boosting your SEO.

Other Benefits

A dedicated host

We can provide a professional compere to ensure the conference runs smoothly.

Advanced briefing

Your special guest will be fully briefed on you and your organisation ahead of the call.

Bonus messages

On request, your guest will deliver a specific message of your choosing.

Video memory

We will provide a full recording of the conference.

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