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Business and Leadership Coaching - Expert Breathwork Session

July 22nd 2022


In this session, Breathlab.’s Elliot House introduces breathwork practices that combine ancient breathing techniques and modern science, with practical applications, and profound and proven effects on:

• Motivation & drive

• Energy levels & regulation

• Stress resilience

• Mental clarity, focus & concentration

• Productivity & creativity

• Confidence & sense of security

• Improved mood

• Improving sleep & rest

We hope to see you there. Sceptics are welcome.

“Breathing is essential to recovery, endurance and performance. Breathing allows levers into systems we can’t otherwise control.” - James Nestor, author of the bestselling book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (More than a million copies sold worldwide)


The interactive workshop will be led by Elliot House, Director of Breathlab. Elliot is an Accredited Breathwork Coach with key skills in behavioural change.

To sign up for the session follow this link: https://bit.ly/3ypFdMC

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